Our Packages

Advert Packages

Each Advertising Screen operates 22 hours per day in a continuous cycle of 10 minutes. This means that even customers on our smallest package will be seen at least once every 10 minutes. Larger packages offers more frequent showings or longer advertisements.

Our advertising platform is unique and differs in many aspects from others. This means that we cannot accept and place advertisements that were created for other platforms. However, we can use any artwork (electronic or hard copies) eg flyers, banners, posters, websites, etc to guide us when we compile information to create your custom-made screen-advert.
You are not charged for this design or any changes to the advertisement and therefore any advertisements stay the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF BULLDOG ADS. The advertisement may not be sold or given to any other advertisement company or used for any other purposes than what it was designed for, meaning advertising on Bulldog Ads’ Screens.

Below find examples of our different packages

Puppy Package
  • 7.5 seconds every 10 minutes
Bulldog Package
  • 15 seconds every 10 minutes
TopDog Package
  • 30 seconds every 10 minutes.


We will be more than happy to answer any question you may have.

  • 015 065 0567
  • info@bulldogads.co.za